American NFT photographer makes more than £500 in first sale.

Beginning his journey into photography at age ten, Tennessee-based photographer Caleb McKenney has made his first sale on an NFT platform last week.

After finding out about NFT photography through Twitter, Caleb converted $50 (£36.54) of his own money into (0.017) Ethereum to get started and was able to put his own work up for sale.

To sell on most NFT platforms, such as OpenSea, there is an initial fee to pay to start selling.

On other platforms, like Foundation.App, sellers must pay per listing.

A month later, Caleb made that money back and more after making his first sale for 0.25 Ethereum, which converts to $753.27 or £550.42.

Caleb says he decided to join the NFT platforms "to make a little bit of money to start working towards my goal of having a photography business and do photography education."

Caleb hopes to keep selling on the platforms, and has a new collection up on OpenSea, called 'Textures of Yellowstone'.


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