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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Keeping to my new years' resolution of shooting more in 2021, I’ve signed up for 52Frames.

52 Frames is a free photography community that issues out new photography challenges every week, with the first challenge of the year being self-portraiture.

Founder of 52Frames, Yosef Adest explains this is because “self-portraiture is a great opener. First of all, it’s not easy so I think that’s a good message. This project may seem easy but it requires some personal investment. That, and it’s nice to see everyone. It’s a great introduction to the people, to the year.”

Joining the challenge also gives you the opportunity to get some constructive criticism so you can take new photos and learn something new!

Yosef says that whilst doing a 365 photography project in 2010, he made it halfway through before deciding he only wanted to do a weekly challenge. His friend - also named Yosef - wanted to join, make a few challenges themselves, and invite other friends.

“By the time we got to week one, there were 50 people and we made a Facebook page. Kind of organic, just for fun. Just really for my own photography improvement. I had just recently picked up a DSLR at the time, and the rest is history!”

Whilst Yosef doesn’t have any new plans for the community just yet, he does have ideas forming on ways he could expand.

“If I’m thinking way down the line, I could totally see doing this for other verticals like 52Frames Fitness or 52Frames Poetry, anything that’s creative or improving one’s self. I would love to expand the platform. However, it’s just an idea.”

52 Frames is a great way to make sure you get out weekly and take new snaps!

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