24 Stocking Fillers for Photographers

I've never been so excited for Christmas - with the past two years being a nightmare for everyone, can you blame me?

Here's a list of great stocking filler ideas for that photographer friend. If you're that photographer friend, maybe treat yourself to some early Christmas presents from this list!

1. Martin Parr Membership

Documentary photography lovers would love a membership to the Martin Parr Foundation.

For £35, your documentary photographer friend will be given a welcome tour of the gallery, invitations to all private viewings, access to exclusive bookings and more.

Or, you can opt for the £125 Support Membership, which comes with a 10x8 signed Martin Parr print and more.

2. Lens Buddy

Creators on Etsy have made some adorable lens buddies that would be perfect for children photographers.

We recommend Etsy user, SweetSoftness, with her adorable camera helpers that look like bees, monkeys, unicorns, and more.

3. Camera-shaped paper clips

Not all gifts need to be a cool photography gadget or photoshoot accessory.

Sometimes, the perfect gift is a novelty gift.

These camera-shaped paper clips would be perfect for any photography student or photographer running their own business.

4. Instax Mini Link

With the printer, Instax paper, and your phone, you can print any and all of your photos onto a cute credit card sized piece of film, perfect for sharing and keeping physical memories.

A slightly more expensive stocking filler at £109.99 but your friend will absolutely love it!

5. Film rolls

Any film photographer would love a free roll of film or two.

For less than £20, you can gift a film photographer two rolls of Ilford 35mm black and white film.

There are also colour film alternatives.

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a fool-proof Christmas idea as they can basically buy their own Christmas presents!

Film lovers would get a kick out of a Take It Easy gift card. They can buy rolls of film, cool merchandise, or get their rolls of film developed.

Book lovers would appreciate a Photobook Junkies gift card. They can buy their favourite rare and signed photobooks with your money.

7. Camera-shaped Night Light

For less than £20, your photography buddy can have their night be as special as their day with this camera-shaped night light.

8. Camera Lens Mug

For photographers on the go, this camera lens tumbler is a pretty fun novelty gift, just don't get it mixed up with one of your actual lenses!

9. Portable 5-in-1 Light Reflector

Portrait photographers would love this collapsible 5-in-1 light reflector.

As stated, there are five different 60cm diffusers that can be folded up and secured in a bag for travel.


11. FreePrints Gifts

All photographers should have their work displayed.

With FreePrints, you can give the gift of someone's own work through canvases, magnets, pillows, tote bags, and more.

12. Camera Shoulder Bag

A nice small shoulder bag for a camera and a couple lenses is 100 times better than shoving your lenses into your coat pockets or carrying a heavy backpack around all day.

13. Camera-shaped ear bud sleeve

Wireless ear bud users would probably love a novelty sleeve for the case.

Why not a camera-shaped ear bud sleeve?

14. 365 Day Photo Project Journal

Get your photography buddies on a 365 day challenge with this 365 day photo project journal that let's you stick in a photo a day.

See how much you're photography can change in a year.

15. Camera Strap

This camera strap is just gorgeous and I want it for myself.

16. SD Card

A nice practical gift that any photographer would appreciate would be an SD card.

You can never have too many!

17. Adobe Photoshop 2021 Book

Get a Photoshop expert or beginner the 2021 official training Photoshop workbook from Adobe.

18. Chocolate Cameras

These camera-shaped chocolates from NotOnTheHighStreet ae perfect for any chocolate lover!

19. Memory Card Carrying Case

Never lose another memory card again with this convenient memory card case designed just for storing your SD cards.

20. Lens Wrap

Protect your camera and lenses with these shockproof camera wraps.

21. DSLR Cheat Sheets

A cool gift idea for beginners would be these DSLR photography cheat sheets full of exposure tips.

22. Lens Cap Holder

Never misplace your lens cap again with this lens cap leash (pack of five).

23. Fingerless Gloves

Perfect for winter, you can remove the fingers from these thermal gloves and use your camera with ease.

24. Digital Picture Frame

Another slightly expensive stocking filler idea is the Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame, perfect for showing off your images to both family and potential clients.

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