20 Exciting Items at The Photography Show 2021

The Photography Show took place at the NEC in Birmingham last weekend (September 18-21), and there were hundreds of products to buy, including: brand new cameras and lenses, discounted books, tripods, and film photography essentials.

Narrowing down our favourite items will be difficult but we'll give it a go anyway!

Let's take a look at 20 exciting items we saw at The Photography Show this year.

Credit: Canon

1. Canon EOS R3

Of course in our list, we have to discuss products that aren't even for sale yet.

The Canon EOS R3 made it's debut at The Photography Show this September, allowing Canon fans the chance to see the new camera up close.

This mirrorless camera is said to be the future of action photography.

Credit: Fujifilm

2. Fujifilm GFX 50s II

Another product to make it's debut at the event is the Fujifilm GFX 50s II.

This 'more than full frame' camera will be Fujifilm's least expensive medium format camera to date with some of the best image quality available.

Credit: Pinsta

3. Pinsta

Whilst not a debut product, the Pinsta is still a new a kickstarter item not yet on the market.

I'm excited to see a professional quality pinhole camera and mini darkroom all-in-one for sale.

I really hope I can try this one out soon.

Credit: Ilford

4. Ilford Pop Up Darkroom

I don't have room where I live to create my own darkroom, so this pop-up darkroom is a dream come true.

This darkroom, coming out later this year, is perfect for photographers without space for an actual darkroom.

I am 100% buying this when it comes out.

Credit: Sigma Imaging

5. Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS

Another new item debuting at The Photography Show is this Sigma sports lens.

The first ultra-telephoto zoom lens in the Sigma Sports line, this lens is designed specifically for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Credit: Everybooth

6. Everybooth

Ranging from £3000 to £4400, the Everybooth is an exciting photo booth that can print photos and create gifs.

The Everybooth Lite is new this year and offers photos, gifs, boomerangs, video, and green screen options.

The Everybooth Lite takes 60 seconds to assemble and is the perfect portable photo booth.

Credit: Vanguard

7. Vanguard VEO Adapter Backpack

Another Photography Show launch is the Vanguard VEO Adapter Backpack.

Coming to the market in November, there will be four new backpacks, ranging from £99 to £119.

Photography Show attendees could register their interest in the backpacks and see demonstrations.

Credit: Talking Print

8. Talking Print Storybooks

I love making my own photo books, and with Storybooks by Talking Print, I can make my photo book a digital slideshow and include video, too!

I would definitely use it for documenting an event, such as The Photography Show or a Pride Festival.

Credit: LumeCube

9. LumeCube Edge Desk Light

Seen for the first time by the public at The Photography Show, the Edge Desk Light by LumeCube is said to come out early October.

This is the perfect desk light, made specifically to brighten and enhance your appearance on video calls and live broadcasts.

This movable light promises to make you look good on camera.

Credit: Fujifilm

10. Fujifilm X-T30 II

Another exciting item from Fujifilm is the X-T30 II.

With a release date set for October, this new camera has 18 different Film Simulations and has a video quality oversampled from a 6k signal.

Credit: Thierry Fillieu

11. Untamed Photography Tours Tailor-Made Private Tour: Amazon Rainforest

There were so many photography tours on offer from a variety of companies that are definitely worth looking at if you're interested in that.

I've chosen this Amazon Rainforest private tour for this list based on their website.

The website advises you on the photography equipment to bring and gives you a tour schedule.

I also love the idea that this is a private tour, that you can do with your significant other or with a group of friends.

Credit: Kosmo Foto

12. Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow Film

I read online that there was a new roll of photographic film making it's debut at The Photography Show this year and I was so excited.

Being released with a special collectors box - would definitely buy just for that - this roll of film by Kosmo Foto is £5 a roll on their website.

Credit: Pinchbook

13. Pinchbook™ Photo Books: Interchangeable Contents

Like I said before, I love photo books.

This Pinchbook Photo Book allows you to remove and add pages whenever you want, which is absolutely ideal for me.

The cover pages act as a sort of clip to hold the pages in place and you can remove, add, and arrange pages without ripping them out or getting messy.

Credit: Brinno

14. Brinno Empower

My dad is really obsessed with time lapse stuff recently so I felt obligated to add something here.

This tiny but powerful camera has an extended battery life, lasting up to 99 days!

The Brinno empower is said to be the best time lapse camera for professionals.

Credit: Wildfoot Travel

15. Wildfoot Travel Guided Small Group Photography Trips

Here we have another photography trip site.

Wildfoot Travel has a huge variety of luxury photography trips from the Galapagos to the Arctic.

Credit: Lume Cube

16. Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED

Another product from Lume Cube is the Waterproof LED light.

You can attach this small cube to your camera, pair it with your drone, and more.

Credit: Canon

17. Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 2100

Okay, this high quality printer with advanced image processing is a Guinness World Record Holder. Need I say more?

With innovative ink technology, this printer delivers dynamic colours on the page.

Credit: Ilford

18. Ilford 12 Days of Christmas 35mm Film Calendar

This amazing Christmas gift made it's debut at The Photography Show and was selling like hotcakes at £85 each.

The calendar contains 11 rolls of film and other goodies.

This is a thousand times better than any advent calendar and you can't change my mind.

If I don't get this for Christmas, I will buy it myself.

Credit: Adaptalux

19. Adaptalux Studio Combo Pack

Whether you're into nature, sci-fi, or just regular macro, Adaptalux has a studio light pack for you.

These LED lights allow for unique lighting combinations, perfect for any shoot.

"The only limit is your imagination!"

Credit: Click Props

20. Click Props Tri-Flection

A must-have for studio photographers, the Tri-Flection by Click Props is 'without a doubt the most innovative studio lighting accessory to hit the market in years'.

With adjustable panels, photographers can angle the panel arms however they need and lock them into place.

I already can't wait to see what 2022 has to offer.

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