18-year-old photographer tells us his experience selling NFTs: "It is very community driven."

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are not exactly new, with it being argued that Coloured Coins - a form of bitcoin originating in 2013 - were the first instances of NFTs.

However, NFTs have never been more popular than they are today with artists, photographers, and crypto-users following this new trend.

18-year-old photographer living in Lancashire, Ronak Sabu, is one of the many photographers to take a chance selling their work on an NFT platform.

"We are all exiles" ©Ronak Sabu

Discovering the world of NFT through seeing artists he followed on Twitter getting into it, Ronak decided to research and read up on the new trend and came across Beeple.

Also known as Mike Winklemann, the American digital artist Beeple became one of the most successful NFT artists after selling a collection of his digital artwork as an NFT for $69 million (almost £50 million).

Originally from India, Ronak moved to the UK at age sixteen and began his journey into photography as a distraction from feeling lonely in a new country.

Selling his work on platforms like Opensea and Foundation.app for two months, Ronak has made £2000 - which translates to 0.86 ether.

"I think compared to bigger artists on the platform, I'm nowhere near as successful but for me as an 18-year-old, I've made £2000 in the last two months purely just off NFTs so personally I think I've been successful."

"Emergence" ©Ronak Sabu

Known as @Luxaete on social media, Ronak says that he likes the idea of NFTs for the exclusivity.

"For photographers, or any type of digital artist, there is this lack of exclusivity. If I have a photograph, I can copy it into another computer and make infinite copies of that. With a painting, you can't recreate it.

"I wanted to bring something like that to my work."

"Odyssey at Sixteen" ©Ronak Sabu

Ronak also believes that the best way to be successful on the NFT platforms is through being an active part of the NFT community, and has purchased half a dozen NFTs himself to support the community.

"The community is a lot of give and take," Ronak said.

"I have friends who put out NFTs and I'll buy their pieces to support them. And with other artists on the internet, once you get to know them, you end up buying each others pieces."

"It is very community driven."

If you're new to NFT photography and want to try it, Ronak says "jump in" and be part of the NFT community.

Ronak hopes to continue his work on NFT platforms, saying it's his "best shot at doing art full time."


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