11 Weird but Wonderful Cameras

January is International Creativity Month so let's celebrate the world's creativity with some unusual cameras.

The Panono - Is there much else to be said than to tell you to look at the Panono? It’s a spherical camera with 36 separate lenses to create a 360 degree image when all the photos are combined. Each lens has a quarter inch sensor allowing a 108MP capture. Definitely weird. Definitely wonderful!

The LEGO Camera - Created by Japanese photographer, Abe-Chan (@WagoImages) after selling his camera, the LEGO camera is definitely an usual invention but we’re all jealous we don’t have one!

This cool camera was made with a lens, bellows, ground glass, two spirit levels held up by LEGO dogs and guarded by a LEGO figurine, and of course a couple boxes of LEGO.

Seitz 6x17 Digital - This camera makes it onto this list because it’s not a camera at all! It’s actually a slow scanner that needs to be mounted on a flat surface and requires a computer to function.

Ricoh LX-22 XOBBOX - This basic-looking camera design isn’t basic at all: the casing is see-through! With a transparent case, you can see the inner workings of the camera - apart from the film chamber itself, of course.

Pentax ‘Korejanai’ K-x - This cool, colourful camera matches was colour-coordinated to match the Korejanai Robot Model. The camera system itself is pretty much your basic Pentax camera but in a cool body!

Pentax Optio NB1000 - Similar to the LEGO camera, this weird camera is made with nanoblocks. Users were able to create their own camera designs whilst achieving 14MP images with a 4x optical zoom.

Barbie Videogirl - With this toy, kids could view what Barbie was seeing, with the lens being part of her necklace and the viewfinder on her back. Videogirl Barbie was capable of recording 25 minutes of footage that kids could watch on a PC.

Konishoruko (Konica) Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 Machine Gun Japanese WWII Camera - This delightful looking camera was actually used during WWII for training purposes. They were mounted to planes instead of real machine guns and helped pilots confirm kills and accuracy.

Lytro - This pocket-sized camera isn’t on this list just fot it’s size or shape, but because of it’s capability of refocusing images after being taken.

George Lawrence’s Mammoth Camera - Not only is this camera 120 years old, it is also the world’s largest camera. Built to capture an entire train in one shot, George Lawrence made history with this huge camera, earning him a spot on this list.

Sakura Petal - The Sakura Petal camera is actually in The Guinness Book of World Record for being the smallest ever camera! Made in 1947, Japan, this camera measures at just an inch in diameter. This wonderful invention is able to take six photos in a piece of cut film.

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