11 Perfect Photography Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start shopping for that perfect gift for your loved ones.

This year, with so much disappointment and worry hitting us at every turn with Covid-19 taking away our entire year, we’re determined to take Christmas back and make it more special than ever before.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding us and we may not be able to spend Christmas with all of our loved ones this year, but we can still get them great gifts to make their 2020 Christmas one to remember

Here are our favourite gift ideas

1 - Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keyboard Cover (MacBook) £6.99

This keyboard cover is the perfect stocking filler for Photoshop fanatics. The cover allow for quick Photoshop edits whilst also protecting your device from dust, dirt, and spills.

2 - SD Card Reader for Android £8.99

This SD Card reader allows you to upload images straight to your phone. This small device is great for storing and sharing your photography on-the-go.

3 - Light Prism £9.99

Perfect for creating unique lighting effects, the light prism can be neatly stored away in your photography bag, ready for your next shoot. Discover the possibilities as you experiment with that cool new light prism you got for Christmas.

4 - Bottle Cap Tripod £7

The bottle cap tripod is such a quirky invention, great for compact cameras and GoPros. The tripod fits on top of any bottle - and pivots t a 15 degree angle - making this a great gift for travel and nature photographers.

5 - Portable Lightbox Studio £15

Portable Lightbox Studios are a cool, foldable studio box that can fit in your backpack. The studio box lets you photograph small items as if you were in an actual studio. The studio, often called a studio tent, comes with multiple colour backgrounds and built-in lights.

6 - Gorilla Tripod £120 (5k)/£15 (smartphone)

The Gorilla tripod really is an amazing tripod to have in any photographer’s equipment kit. It can be adjusted to stand on unlevel surfaces and even wrap around branches, bars, and more for unique angles and great shots.

7 - Lens Buddy/Shutter Huggers £15+

The lens buddy, which can be found for cheaper on etsy, or pricier on Amazon, depending on quality, is actually the perfect gift for a children’s photographer.

8 - Lens Wrap £20

The lens wrap by Tenba is designed to keep you organised and your camera lenses safe. This wrap comes in different sizes allowing for you to wrap not just your lens in a smaller wrap, but also wrap all of your equipment,

9 - Camera Shaped Paper Clips £7

Of course the gift you give this Christmas doesn’t have to be an essential part of a photographers kit. Sometimes, it can just be a fun, quirky little stocking filler. These paper clips ass a little personality to any photographer’s diary, planner, or notebook.

10 - Pocket Printer £119.99

There are a lot of pocket printers out there from the Polaroid Hi-Print to the PC Sprocket printer, but for this list, we have the Polaroid Mini Pocket Printer. This device uses Bluetooth and Zink Zero Ink technology printing 2x3” photographs using an app on your phone.

11 - Photo Booth Props £15

Photo Booth Props are a fun way of livening up any photo shoot involving people.The photographer, the models, and those looking at the finished photographs all get to have fun and have a laugh when photo booth props are involved.

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