Interview with Heidi Alexander about The Stockport Collection

Take a look at the winning images of several competitions including The Comedy Wildlife Awards, and take a look at their clothing range in collaboration with Tomorrow Creates.

Merry Christmas


Interviews with Mal McCann, Benny Wee, Teri Purcell, Philipp Stahr, Dr. Michael Pritchard, Ronak Sabu, Caleb McKinney, and Simon McCheung

Take a look at photographs from the 24 Hour Project, Don McCullin exhibition at the Tate Liverpool, and the Comedy Wildlife/Pet Photography Awards, and more!

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#08 Pix Magazine

July 2021

Interviews with Nathan Jordan, Alex Wilkinson, Julie Hoggarth, Jill Wellington, Brett Sayles, Roberto Nickson, and Michelle Wood

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award entries have closed, but we can still have some fun in the sun with Photo Swindon, No Bars Music exhibition, the Great British Photography Challenge, the 24 Hour Project, and more!

Interviews with Gez Gethings, Elke Vogelsang, Beneath The Fur, Caitlin J. McColl, Kirstie McConnell, Laura Brown, and Jessie Morgan.

Take a look at some adorable pet paw-traits and learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10-16).

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#06 The New View

March 2021

Interviews with Sue Holte-Smith, Angela Nicholson, Mike Sewell, Jess Brittain, and Tamara Lawrence.

See the winning photos of the Underwater Photography of the Year awards, and celebrate women's history month with us.

#05 The New View

January 2021

Interviews with Victoria Hillman, Sue Holte-Smith, Yosef Adest, Lan Nguyen, and Kulsum Hafeji.

Learn how to master water drop photography and how to get into the world of frozen bubbles! Let's take a look at some weird camera creations and fill the sky with our imagination. Don't forget to take a look at Canon's latest product - mugs!


#04 The New View

December 2020

Interviews with Abe-Chan, Mark Philips, and Paul Hands.

Step back into your childhood with Mark's amazing toy photography and see how Abe-Chan made a camera almost entirely out of Legi! Let's take a look at Paul's photo puzzles and see the winning images of The Comedy Wildlife Awards 2020!

#03 The New View

October 2020

Interviews with Robert Tysall, Tom Molloy, David Goodier, Alexander Sorg, and Dan Cook.

Let's take a closer look at how Lockdown has been affecting photographers around the world and see how The Photography Show managed with their first virtual event. Read about The Disabled Photographer's Society and how they're coping with Lockdown.


#02 The New View

September 2020

Learn how to make four different types of photobooks and find out if you should buy a monocular. Take a look at the Fujifilm Instax Mini and find out why wedding photography is for professionals.

#01 The New View

June 2019

Interviews with Hazel Simcox, Dan Howell, and Paul Chilton.

Read about Hazel's journey into photography and find out about Dan's life as an urbex photographer. Let's take a look at Paul Chilton's photography career and how he spends his retirement with the Hinckley Photographic Society. Find out more about film photography and how to develop a roll of film.